Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer (10×20-PM-G60-100PK)

Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer (10×20-PM-G60-100PK)

Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer (10×20-PM-G60-100PK)

“Shipping your products with confidence!”


The Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer (10×20-PM-G60-100PK) is a high-quality packaging solution designed to protect your products during transit. With its durable construction and secure closure, it ensures that your items arrive safely at their destination.


1. Size

The poly mailer measures 10×20 inches, providing ample space for various products. Whether you’re shipping clothing, accessories, or small electronics, this mailer can accommodate them all.

2. Durability

Constructed from high-quality polyethylene material, this mailer is tear-resistant and puncture-proof. It can withstand rough handling and protect your products from damage during transit.

3. Secure Closure

The mailer features a self-sealing adhesive strip, ensuring a secure closure. Once sealed, it provides tamper-evident protection, giving you peace of mind that your products will reach your customers intact.

4. Lightweight

Despite its durability, the poly mailer is lightweight, reducing shipping costs. It is an economical choice for businesses looking to save on packaging and shipping expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customize the poly mailer with my logo?

A: Yes, the Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer can be customized with your logo or branding. Contact our customer service team for more information on customization options.

Q: Are these mailers eco-friendly?

A: Yes, the poly mailers are made from recyclable materials, making them an environmentally friendly packaging choice.

Q: Can I use these mailers for international shipping?

A: Absolutely! The Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer is suitable for both domestic and international shipping.


The Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Poly Mailer (10×20-PM-G60-100PK) is a reliable and durable packaging solution for businesses of all sizes. Its features, including size, durability, secure closure, and lightweight design, make it an excellent choice for shipping various products. With the added benefit of customization and eco-friendliness, this poly mailer is a must-have for any business looking to ship their products with confidence.