Juzo Basic Pantyhose 15-20mmHg Closed Toe I beige

Juzo Basic Pantyhose 15-20mmHg Closed Toe, I, beige

Juzo Basic Pantyhose 15-20mmHg Closed Toe, I, beige

Are you looking for comfortable and stylish compression pantyhose? Look no further! Introducing the Juzo Basic Pantyhose 15-20mmHg Closed Toe, I, beige. These pantyhose are not only fashionable but also provide the perfect amount of compression to support your legs throughout the day.

Key Features

1. Compression Level

The Juzo Basic Pantyhose offers a compression level of 15-20mmHg, which is ideal for individuals who experience mild to moderate leg swelling, varicose veins, or tired and achy legs. The closed toe design ensures maximum comfort and support.

2. Comfortable Fit

These pantyhose are made from a soft and breathable fabric that feels gentle against the skin. The waistband is designed to stay in place without rolling or digging into your skin, providing all-day comfort.

3. Stylish Design

Who says compression pantyhose can’t be fashionable? The Juzo Basic Pantyhose comes in a beautiful beige color that complements any outfit. Whether you’re wearing them to work, a special event, or just for everyday wear, these pantyhose will make you look and feel great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wear these pantyhose all day?

A: Yes, these pantyhose are designed for all-day wear. The compression level provides the necessary support without feeling too tight or restrictive.

Q: How do I determine the right size?

A: To find the perfect fit, measure your ankle circumference, calf circumference, and thigh circumference. Use these measurements to determine the appropriate size using the size chart provided.

Q: Can I machine wash these pantyhose?

A: Yes, these pantyhose are machine washable. However, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle and a mild detergent to prolong their lifespan.


The Juzo Basic Pantyhose 15-20mmHg Closed Toe, I, beige is the perfect combination of style and functionality. With its comfortable fit, stylish design, and optimal compression level, these pantyhose are a must-have for anyone in need of leg support. Say goodbye to tired and achy legs and hello to all-day comfort with Juzo Basic Pantyhose.