Are you looking for the perfect card stock for your creative projects? Look no further than PACON CORPORATION’s 8.5×11 card stock. With its high-quality and versatility, this card stock is a must-have for any artist or crafter.

High-Quality and Versatile

Our card stock is made with the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. It is thick enough to withstand heavy use, making it ideal for creating greeting cards, invitations, and other paper crafts. The smooth surface allows for easy writing and printing, giving you endless possibilities for customization.

Perfect Size

Measuring at 8.5×11 inches, our card stock is the standard size for most printers. This means you can easily print your designs directly onto the card stock without any hassle. Whether you’re creating personalized stationery or professional business cards, our card stock will fit your needs perfectly.

Various Colors

We offer a wide range of colors to choose from, including the classic black. Whether you want to create elegant wedding invitations or eye-catching flyers, our card stock comes in the perfect shade to match your vision. Let your creativity shine with our vibrant and richly colored card stock.

Endless Possibilities

Our card stock is not limited to traditional paper crafts. It can also be used for scrapbooking, journaling, and even home decor projects. The sturdy construction of our card stock allows for easy cutting, folding, and shaping, making it a versatile material for all your creative endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use this card stock with my inkjet printer?
  2. Yes, our card stock is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.

  3. Is the card stock acid-free?
  4. Yes, our card stock is acid-free, ensuring that your creations will last for years to come.

  5. Can I order a sample before purchasing?
  6. Unfortunately, we do not offer samples at this time. However, we guarantee the quality of our card stock and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

In conclusion, PACON CORPORATION’s 8.5×11 card stock is the perfect choice for all your creative projects. With its high-quality, versatility, and various colors, you can bring your ideas to life with ease. Order your pack of card stock today and unleash your creativity!