Ravensburger Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Ravensburger Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Ravensburger Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Experience the world of Minecraft like never before with Ravensburger’s Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game. This exciting game brings the popular video game phenomenon to life in a shared, in-person experience. Suitable for kids and adults aged 10 years and up, this game is perfect for family game nights or gatherings with friends.

Collect Rare Blocks and Build Spectacular Structures

In this strategy board game, players collect rare blocks and use them to build spectacular structures. From towering castles to intricate redstone contraptions, the possibilities are endless. But beware of the dangerous mobs and scheming opponents who will try to sabotage your progress. Only the most clever and courageous crafter will emerge victorious!

Developed in Collaboration with Mojang

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is developed in collaboration with Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. This ensures an authentic and true-to-the-game experience for players. Immerse yourself in the blocky world of Minecraft and let your creativity run wild.

High Quality Components

The game comes with high-quality components that enhance the gameplay experience. It includes 64 wooden blocks, 64 building and monster cards, 35 weapon tokens, 4 player boards, 4 experience counters, 4 character skins, 4 game piece bases, 12 overview cards, 1 block base, 1 support structure, and instructions. Everything you need to start playing right away!

2-4 Players, 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is designed for 2-4 players, making it perfect for small gatherings or larger game nights. The approximate playing time is between 30-60 minutes, ensuring a fun and engaging experience without dragging on for too long. The game also comes with easy-to-understand instructions, so you can start playing right away!

Minecraft Heroes of the Village Board Game

For younger players aged 6 years and up, Ravensburger also offers the Minecraft Heroes of the Village Board Game. In this game, 2-4 players work together to rebuild an abandoned village before the enemy Illager can attack. Explore exciting biomes, collect important resources, and fight against dangerous monsters. Only together, and with the support of their faithful animal companions, can the players repel the Illager attack.

True Minecraft Experience

Minecraft: Heroes of the Village is a great board game experience that captures the essence of the Minecraft video game. Developed in collaboration with Mojang, this game offers a true Minecraft experience for players. The game is designed for 2-4 players and can be played in just 20-25 minutes, making it perfect for shorter game sessions.

Animal Companions with Special Abilities

Players are joined by animals like the panda and the dog, who support them with their special abilities. These animal companions can help players overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Work together as a team and make the most of your animal companions’ unique skills.

Game Components

The game includes 1 starting tile, 18 biomes, 4 game figures + animals, 2 dice, 25 wooden blocks, 1 bag, and a set of instructions. With these components, you have everything you need to embark on an exciting Minecraft adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I play these games alone?
  • A: These games are designed for 2-4 players, but you can adapt the rules to play solo if you prefer.
  • Q: Are these games suitable for younger children?
  • A: Minecraft: Builders & Biomes is recommended for kids aged 10 and up, while Minecraft: Heroes of the Village is suitable for kids aged 6 and up.
  • Q: How long does it take to learn the rules?
  • A: The instructions provided with the games are easy to understand, allowing you to start playing quickly. It may take a few rounds to fully grasp the strategies and mechanics.


Ravensburger’s Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game and Minecraft Heroes of the Village Board Game offer exciting and immersive experiences for fans of the Minecraft video game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Minecraft, these board games provide a unique way to explore, create, and strategize. Gather your friends and family, and embark on an unforgettable Minecraft adventure!