Relaxdays Gazebo Party Tent

Relaxdays Gazebo Party Tent

Relaxdays Gazebo Party Tent

This Gazebo provides simple and elegant protection from the sun and rain. It takes just a few minutes to assemble the frame and stretch the roof over it. The PE Film is robust, water-proof and available in a variety of colours. The pavilion tent is great for travel and events. So throw a birthday party in your yard, take it on your camping trips or with you to festivals.

Product Details

  • Size: approx 2.5 x 3 x 3 m (1 x 1.2 x 1.2 in)
  • Weight: approx 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)
  • Entrance height: approx 1.85 m (6.1 ft)
  • Steel frame diameter: 2 cm and 2.5 cm (0.8 and 1 in)
  • Easy assembly with click-in system
  • Tautly stretched roof made of 100 g polyethylene
  • Marquee for the garden, camping trips, and festivals
  • Protects against rain and sun
  • Choose your favorite color
  • Ideal tent for limited events
  • Modest-looking pavilion for festivals, birthdays, events, etc.

Box Contains

  • 1 pavilion tent
  • Instructions
  • 8 pegs

Green marquee tent provides shelter from sun and rain and guarantees a happy, carefree get-together. The steel pipe frame is easy to assemble and stands sturdily through the effective click system. The water-repellent 100g PE roof comes in various colors, solid and stretched taut. The tent includes lashing straps and plastic pegs and feet for stability. It is ideal for travel, whether as a party tent, garden pavilion, or festival pavilion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the tent easy to assemble?
  2. Yes, the tent can be easily assembled with the click-in system.

  3. What is the size of the tent?
  4. The tent measures approximately 2.5 x 3 x 3 meters.

  5. Is the roof water-proof?
  6. Yes, the roof is made of water-proof 100g polyethylene.

  7. Can the tent be used for camping trips?
  8. Yes, the tent is suitable for camping trips.


The Relaxdays Gazebo Party Tent is a versatile and durable tent that provides protection from the sun and rain. It is easy to assemble and perfect for various events such as festivals, camping trips, and birthdays. With its tautly stretched roof made of 100g polyethylene, it guarantees a happy and carefree get-together. Whether you’re throwing a party in your yard or going on a camping trip, this tent is the ideal choice.