STING Armaplus Training/Sparring Boxing Gloves

STING Armaplus Training/Sparring Boxing Gloves

STING Armaplus Training/Sparring Boxing Gloves

Are you looking for the perfect boxing gloves that offer both comfort and durability? Look no further than the STING Armaplus Training/Sparring Boxing Gloves. These gloves are designed to provide the ultimate protection and performance for all your boxing needs.

Key Features

1. Premium Quality

The STING Armaplus gloves are made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The premium construction ensures that these gloves can withstand the toughest training sessions and sparring matches.

2. Comfortable Fit

With a snug and comfortable fit, these gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort during long training sessions. The ergonomic design ensures that your hands are well-protected while maintaining flexibility and movement.

3. Superior Protection

These gloves offer superior hand and wrist protection, reducing the risk of injury during intense workouts and sparring sessions. The padding and support provided by the gloves give you the confidence to push your limits without compromising safety.


  • Material: Premium synthetic leather
  • Color: Black
  • Available Sizes: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz


Are these gloves suitable for beginners?

Yes, the STING Armaplus gloves are suitable for boxers of all levels, including beginners. The comfortable fit and superior protection make them an ideal choice for those just starting out in the sport.

Can these gloves be used for sparring?

Absolutely! These gloves are specifically designed for sparring, providing the necessary protection for both you and your sparring partner.


When it comes to finding the perfect boxing gloves for training and sparring, the STING Armaplus gloves are a top choice. With their premium quality, comfortable fit, and superior protection, these gloves are a must-have for any serious boxer.