Tire Stickers – Official BFGoodrich Tyre Letters For KO2 Tyres – Add-On Tyre Accessory – White Edition – (1 Tyre)

Tire Stickers – Official BFGoodrich Tyre Letters For KO2 Tyres – Add-On Tyre Accessory – White Edition – (1 Tyre)

Tire Stickers – Official BFGoodrich Tyre Letters For KO2 Tyres – Add-On Tyre Accessory – White Edition – (1 Tyre)

Your vehicle isn’t just a car or truck. It’s an expression of who you are, and your tyres are a big part of that. That’s why there’s BFGoodrich Tyre Letters. Designed to fit perfectly & exclusively on your BFGoodrich tyres, this tyre lettering kit is an eye-catching way to express yourself.

Can I order these for my tyres?

Each tyre lettering kit is designed to perfectly fit over the existing sidewall lettering. BFGoodrich Tyre Letters will be available for most tyre models and sizes including:

  • All Terrain T/A KO2 (perfect fit over black side) – THIS PRODUCT PAGE
  • Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 (perfect fit)
  • g-Force Comp 2 and Comp 2 A/S (cover existing lettering)
  • g-Force Rival (cover existing lettering)

What colors are available?

Choose between three color options for your BFGoodrich Tyre Letters including:

  • Signature Edition – Red, white and blue color series best known from off-road motorsports
  • Outline Edition – White outlined tyre lettering with a black interior
  • Classic Edition – Classic white letter color series

What’s included in each kit Do-It-Yourself kit?

These tyre letters are available as a Do-It-Yourself kit which can be applied to any BFGoodrich tyre in the comfort of your own garage. Each kit includes:

  • Tyre lettering (includes 4 or 5 tyre’s worth of BFGoodrich and model name)
  • Specialized Tire Stickers FleXement Tyre Lettering Adhesive so they bond to your tyres and never let go
  • Rubber gloves for a clean installation
  • Tire Stickers Rubber Bright Touch-Up Cleaner (2 oz)
  • Complete directions so the job gets done right!
What’s the process for installation?

BFGoodrich Tyre Letters are easy to apply and give your tyres an unforgettable look that will turn heads everywhere you go! Simply prep the tyre surface & clean off dirt and oil, then glue on the lettering and enjoy the new look!

SELECT YOUR DESIRED QUANTITY FOR # OF TIRES YOU HAVE; Qty 1 = “BF GOODRICH” / “ALL-TERRAIN T/A”. Every kit includes: The Permanent Tire Stickers (Decal color noted in title), a bottle of Tire Stickers FleXement Glue, a pair of rubber gloves; designed for application to radial rubber tyres, (similar to a ‘tyre patch’).

High quality raised rubber Tire Stickers with each letter pre-spaced and attached to a clear curved transfer film; Used to assist with applying the decals to your tyres for a perfect look.

The Permanent Option; These specialized raised rubber tyre decals can withstand daily driving, track days, and extreme off-road driving conditions; Avoid contact with oil-based tyre care products and clean the rubber once a month for a lasting look.

Developed by enthusiasts, backed by tyre companies, used by the best. Genuine product and #1 trusted brand in the world, Tire Stickers; Will not discolor or turn brown, lasts 1000x longer than paint pens; MADE in the USA.


Personalize your vehicle with BFGoodrich Tyre Letters. With various colors to choose from and easy installation, you can give your tyres a unique and eye-catching look. Express yourself and turn heads wherever you go!