Toy Gun for Boys – The Ultimate Foam Blaster for Kids

Toy Gun for Boys – The Ultimate Foam Blaster for Kids

Toy Gun for Boys – The Ultimate Foam Blaster for Kids

Are you looking for an exciting and safe toy for your kids? Look no further than ToyerBee’s Toy Gun for Boys! This shell ejecting foam blaster is the perfect gift for kids ages 8-12. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, this toy gun is sure to bring hours of fun and excitement to your kids’ playtime.


Automatic & Manual Modes

The Toy Gun for Boys features both automatic and manual modes, giving kids the option to switch between the two for different play styles.

Large Capacity Magazine

With a large capacity magazine, this foam blaster can hold up to 30 soft bullets, allowing for extended play without the need for constant reloading.

Shell Ejecting

The shell ejecting feature adds a realistic touch to the toy gun, making playtime even more immersive and exciting for kids.


  • Encourages outdoor play and physical activity
  • Promotes imaginative and creative play
  • Safe and non-toxic foam bullets
  • Perfect for solo play or with friends


Are the foam bullets safe for kids?

Yes, the foam bullets are made from soft and non-toxic materials, making them safe for kids to play with.

Can the toy gun be used indoors?

While the toy gun is designed for outdoor play, it can also be used indoors as long as proper safety precautions are taken and breakable items are removed from the play area.


With its exciting features and benefits, ToyerBee’s Toy Gun for Boys is the perfect gift for kids who love action-packed play. Whether they’re playing solo or with friends, this foam blaster is sure to provide endless fun and entertainment for kids ages 8-12.